Stitch undertakes commissions for a wide range of projects including:

Childhood Landscapes- public playscapes, childcares & kindergartens, school playscapes & landscapes, gardens for children with high needs, inclusive playscapes, private gardens designed with children in mind.
Simone has a strong belief in creating childhood landscapes that maximise opportunities for unstructured play. She is also a big believer in designing play spaces that encourage adventurous play to help children develop risk mitigation skills. Stitch’s designs maximise the use of natural materials which enhance children's sensory and tactile experiences.

Public Parks- masterplans & landscape redevelopments.

Sensory & Memory Gardens- hospitals, retirement / aged care centers, gardens for children with high needs.

Medium to High Density Residential Developments- streetscapes, communal courtyards, private space landscape design and rooftop gardens.

Private Residential Gardens- where possible we design using a majority of southwestern Australian native plant species that use less water and are well adapted to our climate and soils. Any exotic plants used in our designs are carefully selected to minimise water use.

Commercial & Industrial development- streetscape and individual tenancy landscape design.

Recreational & Leisure Facilities- sports and recreational club landscape master planning and design. Previous projects include golf clubs, bowling clubs and interior landscapes for building facilities.

Residential subdivision- landscape master plans.

Bird & Wildlife Habitat Landscapes- bringing fauna diversity back to our gardens, suburbs and cities.

Edible Landscapes- Bush food gardens, vegetable and herb garden design and integration into your landscape.

Green roof & wall infrastructure.

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD).

Urban Forest & Green Street Design.



Public and private space design including:

Landscape architectural design

Playspace design

Master planning

Concept design

Construction documentation

Construction site supervision

Community consultation

Design reviews